Apostle Keith G. Powell

Keith G. Powell is the founder of Family of Christ Life Center in Dunellen, New Jersey. Family of Christ Life Center (formerly Family of Christ Worship and Praise Center) is a unique Ministry, Business, and Organization which consist of a body of believers whose Mission an Mandate is for the WORLD to know that Jesus Christ is Lord!

He is an esteemed Teacher, Pastor and Apostle who is anointed to Win Souls, Restore Families, Develop Leaders and Activate Ministries.

He has an International Assignment to address Apostolic Leadership in the Modern Church and help Individual’s, Ministries and Churches examine present Church government and structure which cannot fulfill the Great Commission which Christ has mandated. Consequently, he has worked diligently to rewrite constitutions and bylaws that will support Pastoral and Apostolic government.

He has designed Leadership Programs which have been adopted by many in the ecclesial sectors, which develop leaders into Laborers in the Harvest and not just Hearers of the Word. In Addition, he has pioneered the “Church Out There Plan” which gets the Leader out of the Church and into the World.

He’s in relationship with several Pastors and Churches throughout the World and provides them with guidance, instruction and direction in all aspects of Ministry. He is particularly grateful for his Sons and Daughter in ministry; Pastors Valerie Jefferson, Jeffrey Kearney, Jamont Flagg, Randall Lassiter, Will Nkonge and Steven Taga.

He is blessed to have had Pastors Edison Payne, Michael McDuffie and Cora Smithson to develop him early in his Christianity; and is uniquely blessed to have been Installed as Pastor by his Spiritual Father, Bishop E. Earl Jenkins and Commissioned as Apostle by his Spiritual Mother Bishop Loretta P. Smith-Johnson.

He holds a Masters Degree in Theology, is a Member of Safe House Pastors under the direction of Bishop Loretta P. Smith-Johnson; a Member of L.E.A.P under the direction of Bishop E. Earl Jenkins; he is also a State of New Jersey Department of Corrections Mentor.

He is married to Angela Powell and they have 10 children, 9 of them are 18 years old or older. They are either enrolled in College, the Armed Forces, Trade School or have already graduated. Two have obtained a Masters Degree and the youngest child is an honor roll student. In addition, he has a son in law, 2 daughter in law’s  and 4 grandchildren.

He recently authored “Apostolic Leadership in the Modern Church”, a book that poses questions and submits responses that are helpful in reshaping leadership to fulfill the Great Commission which Christ has mandated.